Peer Gynt (2002)

Choreografie: Ulla Geiges
Tanz: Jennifer Becks, Romina Becks, Anna Dunkel, Aurelie Haus, Caterina Mascia, Susanne Moers, Kerstin Papkalla, Florian Tschorsch

Sound-mix: Thomas Steigerwald | Bühne: Guido Holz
Kostüme: Ulla Geiges | Licht: Tobias Heide
Produktion: tanzhaus nrw

Ten young dancers give live to the „Peer Gynt“ of Henrik Ibsen.
What kind of guy would this Peer Gynt be today?
The dancers interpret his childhood, his adolescence, his travels and his reaction towards people crossing his life.
Manifold pictures arise.

…..His story is, even though clad in irony and romanticism, ours,
his selfcentered attitude is ours, too…..
The thoughts he did not have, the words he did not find, the things he avoided to do blame him as they blame us.
Deliverance is only possible through love…..
Marie Luise Kaschnitz about Peer Gynt

Fotos: Ursula Kaufmann